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aWARe Zone – complex all-Ukrainian program on resocialisation and reintegration of young people from the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine founded by Ukrainian Center of International Relations in cooperation with Ukrainian youth organisations.

The first Hub was opened in the Western part of Ukraine in small town Mukachevo in May 2022, in February 2023 another aWARe Zone has been established in Chernihiv. Next plans is to open more Hubs all around Ukraine, in May 2023 aWARe Zone should be opened in Dnipro and Rivne.

aWARe Zone Youth Hub is an inclusive and comfortable platform for young Ukrainians all around the country, who suffered because of the military actions in their regions, which they can use for developing and collaborating on projects, building their knowledge and skills, implementing activities, and meeting like-minded people.

aWARe means awareness with the word «war» in the middle as the main one. Our team helps NGOs and young people with mental and legal support, provides free space for work and financial support for the implementation of their own initiatives.

Ukrainian centre of international relations is a non-governmental youth organization, established in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, in 2019, with the main objective to promote political and civic education among young people through fostering active participation of Ukrainian citizens in the civil society.

From February 24 UCIR mission is to support those who support the country, to keep attention of international institutions and media to war in Ukraine, to overcome brain drain challenge and make sure that civil society will not just successfully pass through this difficult time in Ukrainian history but become even stronger. To achieve these goals, UCIR has numbers of programs and projects such as aWARe Zone.

What do we do?

Promote non-formal and political education for young people.

Support initiatives of young leaders by providing sub-granting opportunities

Work on the resocialization and reintegration of people from Eastern part of the country.

Host international media to share success stories of Ukrainian youth.

Create opportunities for personal and professional growth of young people

Downturning of brain drain of young Ukrainians by encouraging them to stay and work in Ukraine due to various activities.

Work with young entrepreneurs to support their ideas to launch their own business.

Fight against propaganda and disinformation.

aWARe Zone Youth Hub is

A community of like-minded people who work together to support Ukrainian society

A free space to work, where the lights are not turned off and the Internet is always available

A place to implement your ideas - permanent sub-granting programs to support youth organizations

A training center for young leaders, where you can improve your own skills

Space "SpivDia children" - regular free classes for children in the STEM education system aged 5-12

Volunteer community that supports the army with cool practical things

aWARe Zone by our partners

Vasco Cordeiro

President of the European Committee of the Regions
addressing the participants of the Aware Youth Forum in the Aware Zone.

To engage young people, we must also work on the social dimension of their participation in society, education, work, housing, social security and health, as well as respect for their fundamental rights, freedoms and entitlements. I believe that when local and regional authorities will work hand in hand with youth organizations, they can build more inclusive communities and increase level of trust in public institutions.

Oleksandr Reshetkov

Founder of Aware Zone

Our story started after February 24, when thousands of young activists joined volunteer movement to support the army in every possible way. Working with many international institutions and public organizations in Ukraine, the EDYN team decided to create unique and inclusive platform to support internally displaced people. We are building a community of volunteers, change-makers and true patriots who, by their own example, will demonstrate examples of Ukrainian bravery to the whole world.

Daryna Onyshko

President of EDYN

EDYN aims to raise and support a generation of young leaders who will advocate and defend democracy at all possible levels. Ukraine is now demonstrating its historical affiliation to the European family like no other. We are making history together today. Aware Zone is an extremely valuable project to support Ukrainian youth, so that they can not only survive during the war but become stronger for future actions.

Brock Bierman

CEO of Ukraine Friends Foundation

Aware Zone is a place that has become a symbol of adaptation of young Ukrainians to the realities of war in the western part of the country. Many refugees from Mariupol, Kharkiv and Berdyansk were able to receive help and support here to start a new life. Ukrainians are an indomitable nation that will win. With such high number of motivated and active young people, it simply cannot be otherwise.

Teddy Raskin


Throughout our efforts to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom, we must continue to support Ukraine’s youth. It is the youth who will rebuild Ukraine, bring new investments and create a new life. The American business sector and, most importantly, ordinary citizens will continue to support Ukraine until victory. We are proud to be a part of such a great initiative as the Aware Zone Youth Hub. The leadership, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit from Aware Zone are beacons of hope for tomorrow’s Ukraine.

Our team

Oleksandr Reshetkov

Founder of Aware Zone

Yulian Kritsak

Co-founder of Aware Zone, President of NGO "3.5 percent"

Carolina Svyryda

Co-founder of Aware Zone, Coordinator of the space in Mukachevo

Maria Zavada

Coordinator of EDYN Ukraine from the National Democratic Institute

Prokhor Kazbekov

President of the Ukrainian Center for International Relations

Olha Dzerzhynska

Head of the Youth Council at Donetsk Regional State Administration, Coordinator of the space in Chernihiv

Yuliia Darnytska

Coordinator of the space in Chernihiv

Liudmyla Karpova

President of the EDYN Ukraine, Coordinator of Aware Zone in Dnipro

Arkadii Petrosian

Coordinator of public communications


Non-formal education of youth and sub-granting for the implementation of initiatives

Non-formal education of youth and sub-granting for the implementation of initiatives - Aware Zone aims to support young people, provide IDPs with tools for self-realization and help them adapt to the realities of war. On a regular basis, the hub hosts trainings on non-formal education, project management, public speaking and capacity building for young leaders. The best initiatives from the relocated organizations receive financial support under the Aware Grant.

Aware Youth International Forum

Aware Youth International Forum is the first international forum, which unites representatives of the public sector, international organizations, donors and local authorities. On a regular basis, Aware Zone hosts panel discussions and round tables that bring together experts to solve common problems. For example, involving young people in decision-making processes, overcoming the brain drain challenge in Ukraine and working on the development of youth infrastructure. We managed to involve representatives of international foundations, in particular USAID, European leaders, such as the President of the European Committee of the Regions Vasco Cordeiro, Secretary General of the European Youth Forum Joe Elborn and many others.

The project "SpivDia Children"

The project "SpivDia Children" with the support of UNICEF and the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a non-formal education for children aged 5-12 years using STEM education methodology. The project supports IDP children on a daily basis and promotes their integration into society. Aware Zone employs 4 professional teachers, who through interactive methods help children to acquire new knowledge and deal with psychological trauma associated with military operations. The project holds weekly workshops, educational excursions and informal events for children.

First aid trainings from Red Cross Ukraine

First aid trainings from Red Cross Ukraine - since May, the team regularly conducts first aid trainings together with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. During the 6-hour event, participants learn the basics of first aid, learn to respond quickly to calls, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, carry people, stop bleeding and apply medical tourniquets. Each time the Aware Zone team receives more than 40 applications for such trainings. In addition, participants receive medical tourniquets, which can be used for personal needs or for transfer to the military.

Open-air cinema

Open-air cinema - every week in the summer, Aware Zone hosts film screenings for IDPs and local residents. The purpose of the events is psychological and counseling for IDPs - at each screening there is a professional psychologist from UNCHR who conducts discussions and support for guests. Regular events promote socialization of IDPs and form close social ties with local residents.

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